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Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about our wash and fold, laundry, and dry cleaning services, you may find the answer for yourself

At The PB Laundry we make doing your laundry simple, comfortable and affordable. Make your order from your comfort zone and let us save you time to do other cute things, money on soap, water, heating and electricity.

If you do not find the answer to your question below, feel free to Contact Us. We are here to help.

No. Pickup and delivery are absolutely free!
You don't necessarily have to be home, however when placing your order please provide clear instructions where we can find your clothes and drop them off. Please also provide any access codes necessary to enter your apartment or condo building.
Yes! We can deliver to your home or your place of business. We also offer free pickup and delivery for your convenience.
No, everyone's clothes are sorted, separated, and processed separately.
No, we will sort your clothes when they arrive at our shop.
Yes, if you specify that you want your wash and fold garments returned on hangers we'll accommodate.
All you need to do is visit our website and create an account. Once your account is set up, you can place an order whenever you like on our website.
You most certainly can do that. While placing your order, please add any instructions in the special instructions box and we will adhere to them. We have many customers that prefer we don't use any scented detergents in our washing because of allergies.
While we have a stain removal process we cannot guarantee all stains will be able to be removed from the garment.
Most people are looking to save time on their chores. Your time is valuable why waste it doing laundry? Leave it to the professionals at Clean PB Laundry!
Of course we dry your clothes unless you request otherwise.
Because your laundry items are important, please call +2349053473695 or +2348149170736 and we will arrange a time that you will be home for delivery.
Yes we accept all major credit cards for our cleaning and washing service through paypal or paystack.
PB Laundry cleans all of your wedding gowns here at our plant. We also request that you view your gown very well before giving it to us so that you know exactly what it looks like when we are done. We always deliver the perfect touch.
Have your items picked up between 7 AM and 2 PM on Mondays to Saturdays. Orders placed online are delivered in 72 hours.
As you create an account with us, you can specify your special needs and maybe also your preferred detergent; like some of our customers request for hypoallergenic detergent.

If there's one thing that many people forget naturally, it is about checking pockets of their clothes before laundry. Some common items left behind are keys, medicines, coins etc. These are items that are likely to cause damage to your clothes.

While we encourage you to ensure no left overs are in your pockets, we also double-check your pockets before washing the clothes. We don't want the mistake of your clothes getting damaged or you losing vital documents.

Yes, Every customer has the choice of filling out an inventory sheet before every service. These sheets are given to customers if requested at the time of pick up. A copy of the inventory sheet will be kept by the customer and a copy will be kept by Ritman Laundry. There's an automatic digital inventory if you order online. PB Laundry will check the inventory sheet to ensure that every item is there before and after each service. If there is a missing item in question, then please contact a customer service representative within 48 hours of service. In the rare event that an item was on the inventory sheet and is determined missing, the customer will be compensated.